How to Stage Your Home

How to Stage Your Home

For individuals looking to sell their homes, a common method used by real estate agents to attract more buyers as well as raise the asking price is home staging. Home staging is simply a method of decorating or redecorating the home to show off the best assets about it, leave a good impression on buyers as well as take the home off the market as quickly as possible. Most sellers do not stage their homes especially if the home is within the low price range or they might not know of the benefits to be had from it.

The act of home staging is not a must but this does not mean it should be totally cancelled out of future plans. Selling a home is an important financial transaction that needs to be done with care as it might have effect on other important things so you cannot afford to be lazy regarding how you go about it. You also cannot settle for a lower selling price in the bid to get the process over with or reduce the marketing period.


It is important to note that when it comes to house sales, what potential buyers seek is not just a structure to inhabit but a place that could possibly help them to achieve whatever dreams they have or live the lifestyle they dreamt about. Top real estate agent in Beverly Hills, Jade Mills, often tells her clients to remember the first luxury home they bought. When shopping for a luxury home with their hard earned money, they were also excited to attain a certain lifestyle. By staging your home you are selling your lifestyle to potential buyers, this will entice them more. So when considering the option of home staging, it must be viewed from the point of view of selling dreams and creating a heartfelt purchase that serves both parties well.

Home staging requires a lot of things with most of them being room specific but starting from the bigger picture before working your way done to the smaller pixels is a good place to start from. That is, focus on the rooms that are bound to have more meaning to the buyers before working on the others. The following are the important basics when it comes to home staging for the living room, kitchens, bathrooms and master bedroom.


No one likes a cramped space especially a potential buyer. Clutter has two disadvantages: one being that it takes away the attention of the buyer from the features of the home and secondly it indicates that the home might not be large enough as a storage space. This does not mean you chuck everything into the closet as buyers are definitely sure to check out the closets too.


The way your living room or kitchen is arranged might be modeled to fit your own tastes but you must not forget that what you find suitable is not the same thing as what the buyer considers to be suitable. You need to be able to sell the home to the buyer as a place they can envision living in so depersonalize as much as you can.


Your lawns, garden, plants and carpets all need to serve a purpose in the house. They must all be strategically placed in a way that the buyer can believe that removing them affects the overall balance of the home.